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wedding planners in Greece


We are named after the ancient greek word “Protelia”.  Protelia were the offerings the couple made to the Gods prior to their wedding in order to please them so as to be blessed by them for their start of their new life together. So Protelia is symbolic of the preparation the couple does prior to getting blessed.


Protelia Weddings and Events is a boutique event planning company with over 15 years of experience.  We are based at the beautiful wedding venueKleopatra“, and since 2002 we have successfully planned and organized over 800 weddings, baptisms, parties and other social and business events.

Recently we expanded our business and we are offering services for wedding and event planning all over Greece as well as the Greek Islands. We can create tailor-made solutions so that your destination wedding be just the way you’ve dreamed.




We aim to plan, design and provide completely bespoke event planning experiences that always reflect the client’s tastes and lifestyle.


Each event is influenced by the culture and palette of the specific destination. We only enhance and enrich the natural beauty of our lovely Greek venues or locations but never change them. Sourcing local artisans helps making each event unique and true to its surroundings. Our goal is to succeed in creating weddings that feel more like amazing celebrations.


Our talent really shines with projects that require creation of magical environments, rich in details that have not only aesthetics but real spirit.

All you need is love...

...and a wedding planner!