Wedding planners in Greece

Protelia wedding planners is a group of professionals that takes care of all big or small details of your wedding.

We can suggest the best island, the best venue, the ideal church, the most romantic location for your wedding, and we work with only the best wedding vendors.

We can provide everything there is to your wedding, and we offer personalized services just for you. Our custom-tailored services to every couple are what gives us an edge and no two weddings are the same!

What we offer

First of all, we will have a meeting with our team (if you live abroad we can have a Skype meeting) where we will talk about everything!

  • How have you dreamed of your wedding?
  • Do you have a specific budget? We can undertake weddings at any budget
  • Do you have a favorite location you wish to have it there?
  • Theme or colors you want for your decoration and favors
  • Wedding flowers, do you have any favorite flowers?
  • Favors – we can create personalized favors just for you or you can choose from a variety of handmade ones
  • Guests –  How many are you planning on inviting, do they need accomodation or travel arrangements? We can arrange for flights, hotel accomodation, car rental
  • Invitations – choose from a variety of styles from our portfolio or we can create one just for you
  • Venue: Depending on the location or island you wish to have your wedding, we will find the best wedding venue.
  • Wedding dinner: Catering, drinks, DJ, photography, videography, fireworks or special effects, entertainers for your younger guests
  • Beauty treatments: we can arrange for bridal spa, and of course hair and make up
  • Wedding gown and costume for the groom
  • Legal requirements
  • everything else you may wish to have on your wedding

We can undertake any or all of the above. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to assist you! We may be based in Athens,  but we organize weddings all over Greece.

Just call or email us today to arrange for our meeting!