Santorini Wedding

Planning Your Greek Island Wedding

Picture beautiful beaches, stunning views and a lively environment for your wedding. This is what the Greek islands have to offer for any couple looking for their dream wedding. A destination wedding in Greece is truly a dream come true for many, as Greece is considered one of the world’s top places for a destination wedding. Visualize gliding down the aisle on the sparkling beaches of Mykonos or saying  “I do” while Santorini’s sunset enters your soul and lives there forever! In this post, we’ll breakdown a few simple tips for planning your Greek island wedding.

Choosing The Best Greek Island For Your Wedding ( Our Picks )


Mykonos Greek Island Wedding


Mykonos is one of  the most desired wedding destinations in the world. It’s something you have to see and experience yourself.

While your first thoughts of Mykonos “the island of the winds” may include crazy nightlife and parties,  there are many visitors that keep coming back year after year. They have discovered so many other features of Mykonos that  make its allure so hard to resist. Mykonos is one of the most stunning of the Greek islands, so it’s perfect for those who want to splash out and offer their guests a taste of beauty and romance.

Mykonos beaches are known for their crystal blue waters and for their golden sand, but Mykonos is also famous for its unique light as it is very close to the sacred island of Delos. Delos, according to Greek mythology, is where light itself was born. It’s this special light that offers a unique glow which adds a special touch to your wedding photos. It’s this special light and energy vibe that everybody needs while exchanging vows.  Strolling around its narrow marble streets and taking wedding pictures next to the  the white-washed houses with the colourful doors and the bougainvillea trees in purple bloom is a must do. Along with a visit to busy Hora and the famous Matoyianni street where you can find stylish cafes, restaurants and all famous global brands.

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Oia Santorini Greek Island Wedding


Santorini feels like no other place on earth, a truly special island! This historic island is the land of emotions, one of the most blessed places in the world with stunning views that will make your wedding the epitome of romance.

Just being there with your significant other surrounded by your loved ones, is truly a moment to cherish. When the orange glow of the setting Santorini sun reflects off the stunning pearl coloured town of Oia, be prepared to feel that heaven is really a place on earth. Imagine being in a breathtaking landscape with houses adorned with blue accents and steep cliffs that seems as though you’ve walked straight into a dream. You just have to choose amongst one of the 600 blue domed and colourful churches and chapels for your Greek island wedding.

If you want a civil wedding you can choose one of the many colourful beaches or any other quiet setting offering stunning views of the Caldera. For your wedding reception we suggest you opt for one of Santorini’s vineyards or any of the elegant retreats with breathtaking views that exist on the island.

Church in Santorini Greek Island

Finding The Right Location, Church, Chapel or Beach For Your Wedding Ceremony

Some of the Greek islands offer over 600 churches and chapels for you to choose from. We recommend finding a knowledgeable wedding planner, which can help you pick the best location for your wedding ceremony. If you’re looking to have a quiet, civil wedding, the Greek islands offer some of the best & most beautiful beaches the world has. Greece is primarily Orthodox, which can provide you with a traditional, Orthodox wedding ceremony. However, there are plenty of locations that can meet your religious or civil wedding needs. Speaking with an expert in Greek island weddings, can help clear up a lot of extra grunt work that goes into planning a destination wedding.

As for your wedding reception, the islands are not short of vineyards, restaurants and private settings. Treat your guests to spectacular views, breathtaking sunsets, and lively nights with a Greek island wedding.

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